Reverse Mortgage Financial Planning Research and Resources: Bibliography

Active Reverse Mortgage Financial Planning Blogs

Davison, Tom. ToolsForRetirementPlanning.com  This site.

Guttentag, Jack. The Mortgage Professor  Consumer oriented. Stimulates competition through price shopping. May receive payment for referrals to mortgage companies.

Pfau, Wade. Retirement Researcher and Forbes.com  Numerous research pieces on reverse mortgages and other retirement planning topics.


Pfau, Wade. Calculating Reverse Mortgages

National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association. Reverse Mortgage Calculator

Reverse Mortgage Synergy with Investments Increase Cashflow

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Reverse Mortgages in Financial Planning – General

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Books and General References

Giordano, Shelley. 2015. “What’s the Deal With Reverse Mortgages?” People Tested Media, Pennington, NJ. General overview book. Available at amazon.com.

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Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit

Davison, Tom. 2014. “Reverse Mortgages: How Large Will A Line of Credit Be?”  ToolsforRetirementPlanning.com

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Income Taxes

Davison, Tom.  2017. Tax Deductions and Reverse Mortgages: April 2017 UpdateToolsforRetirementPlanning.com.  Annual tax deductions and planning.

Kitces, Michael. 2017. The Taxation of Reverse Mortgage Loan Proceeds and Interest Payments Nerd’s Eye View blog.

Sacks, Barry H., Nicholas Maningas, Sr., Stephen R Sacks, and Francis Vitagliano. 2016. “Recovering a Lost Deduction.” Journal of Taxation, 124(4): 157-169. See Recovering a Lost Tax Deduction: April 2016 Update for the article and supporting material. Discusses deduction of interest built up during the loan at loan’s end or refinance.

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